Pharmacy Solutions

After making a name in the USA we are here to take the UAE pharmacy management to the next level. Whether you have a single pharmacy or a large chain of pharmacies we have the solution for you! A complete ERP with full module integration to eliminate redundancy from the entire process, the first of its kind for pharmacies in the UAE.

At the core of our system lie Openjet and EzPOS. These modules ensure you have a clear picture at all times about your claims, receivables and inventory. Along with these core modules we offer E-Inventory, Centralized Claim and Reimbursement Management (for chain stores) and Accounts Management System.

Using e-Inventory, our inventory management module, you can view the inventory across all of your locations in real time. With separate menus for store, head office and each pharmacy, it allows each entity to work individually while maintaining the integrity of the entire enterprise. A clear and comprehensive view of inventory allows for seamless communication between all the different types of entities.

Using our Centralized Claim and Reimbursement Management module, small and large chains can manage multiple pharmacy’s claims and reimbursements from the head office. No longer must the head office wonder about the status of claims and reimbursement, all that information is now available with the click of a button.

Our Accounts Management System integrates with the other modules and automatically creates vouchers from each individual activity, eliminating redundancies and making your accounting much easier. Through this system, management can get a holistic view of the financial position of the company at any time, giving them the information they need to make correct decisions.

Our payroll system is integrated with HRMS so when HRMS approves the salaries it automatically comes in the payroll system. WPS payroll file can be created at a touch of a button and sent to the bank. Advance salary, deduction and many more features are available.

Our HRMS modules allows you to define your entire organization with its hierarchy. From placing an advertisement to retirement track the employee progress using our software. Evaluation to career planning we cover all your HR needs !

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