We at Software Alliance, a global leader in Pharmacy Management software, believe that the most successful pharmacies are those that utilize the best software. In our experience, the most efficient and accurate pharmacy management systems have only been complete systems, which we define as those that excel at providing users with the both Claim and Remittance Management and POS and Inventory Management.


Among all the claim management software’s available in the UAE Market, OPENJet powered by inHealth has emerged and proven itself to be the simplest and most popular claim management system. The high availability platform is hosted in the UAE and is therefore reliable and conform with data security regulations.

Claim and Remittance Management

The most central part of pharmacy management is Claim and Remittance Management as this involves interacting with all payers. Users expect their claim and remittance software to be adept at processing prior authorization, handling submitting claims, and receiving and managing remittances. Unfortunately, the current software systems being offered in the United Arab Emirates are not quite up to par. While many softwares allow pharmacies to receive prior authorization and submit claims, none of these softwares has the ability to manage remittances.

POS and Inventory Management

POS and Inventory Management, the next central tenet of Pharmacy Management, is yet another area being severely overlooked. Of the few POS systems that are currently available in the United Arab Emirates, absolutely none are integrated with a claim management system. Because of this, the only way to properly manage one’s inventory is by manually re-entering the complete prescription into the POS system, a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

Today in the Pharmacy Management software market of the United Arab Emirates, no system exists that can be considered complete. No system offers the functionality of both a claim management system and an inventory management system — until now.

Software Alliance has joined the inHealth Authorized Distributor Program in order to deliver our clients OPENJet and EzPos, having the unique opportunity to provide pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates with a complete pharmacy management system, that handles both claims and inventory. With over 1500 installations, our POS (EZPOS) has been credited as being one of the best pharmacy POS systems in the United States. After specific modifications and adaptations to meet the pharmacy needs of the United Arab Emirates, that renown software is now being brought to you.

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Eliminate redundancy and serve your customers faster with OPENJet + EZPOS! Handling prescriptions has never been easier. Simply scan or enter the product barcode in OPENJet to create a prescription, dispense it, and have all the transaction information transfer to EZPOS from where you can collect the payment. It’s that simple! As an added bonus, by upgrading to the newest version of OPENJet, you can complete prior authorization and claim submission for ALL payers, and with EZPOS you can then receive remittances and reconcile all payments from a single, easy to use screen. OPENJet and EZPOS are perfect together!

The time has come to upgrade to a complete Pharmacy Management system, one that integrates the best claim management system with the best POS, giving you "The Best of Both Worlds": OPENJet + EZPOS. Contact us now to start taking advantage of our revolutionary software that is set to change the pharmacy software landscape for good.

OPENJet and EZPOS integrated provide the best claim management system and the best POS system acquiring our solution shall give pharmacies the ‘BEST OF BOTH WORLDS’.